What are alternatives to a large drop down select list?

  • I am adding a single selection drop-down containing a list of all countries (around 200+ items).

    In Windows it works fine as it displays 10-15 countries at a time and the scroll bar shows up. On the Mac, the drop-down shows all the items at once. The users have to scroll down through all items to look for their desired item.

    I am not using a text-field as it may require spell check.

    What are alternatives to a large drop-down select list that will work similarly across computers?

    You present the situation, but you haven't made any question. Is your question why is different on those devices? is your question if that is accessible? or usable? or easy to understand? There are many options, please clarify that.

    What is your question, specifically? Also I can't tell what you are getting at by the "this is no the users..." sentence.

    wanted ask for alternatives

  • jdniki

    jdniki Correct answer

    7 years ago

    I would say that drop-downs does annoy user and you should simply use a text input and tell the users that they can type in required fields.
    BUT, if there no alternative for a dropdown menu, there's very little that we can do. this is what only Safari users face and are already use to it, and therefore the behaviour they expect from the UI.

    By the way, you can use scripts that will help the users to navigate with hot-keys like: click on A will take you first country name start with ‘a’, and so on.

    you don't need to 'script hot keys' as the drop down does that by default via the browser itself. (tab into the field, start typing, and it will jump to the first item with the letter you typed.)

    Just to add, it is called as Predictive Search.

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