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  • From a UX design perspective (design freedom, interaction polish, usability, skin-ability, etc.), what JavaScript UI framework is best? Particularly, we are looking at ExtJS and JQuery. And, yes, we need a good grid control, so I'm leaning toward Ext.

    Don't you mean jQuery UI?

    jQuery UI has a bunch of controls, but you would probably need to extend out to other plugins depending on the situation.

    jQuery is not comparable to ExtJs, it's better to compare it with jQuery UI.

  • Glen Lipka

    Glen Lipka Correct answer

    11 years ago

    Im on the jquery evangelism team as well as a speaker at the upcoming Extjs conference. We use ExtJS extensively at Marketo.

    If your requirements are simple, publically accessible, and being done by web developers, then use jQuery.

    If this is a more complex situation, you have more hard core engineers, behind a username/password, then I suggest ExtJS.

    ExtJS is a lifesaver for our flagship product and we clearly fall into the latter camp. However, for our public website, We use jQuery because its more lightweight and easier.

    Do you have any experience with Dojo?

    Any comments on the levels of support from any of these libraries? (From the community in the case of jQuery UI and Sencha in the case of the commercially licensed library.)

    Ive tried dojo. Its complicated like extjs, but without all the great components. Regarding support, both have been very good. The Jquery community is stellar, plus stack overflow works great as a fallback.

    This is a bit off topic, But what is the serverside technology you use with Ext JS?

    Am I a year late in responding? :( Sorry. It's PHP, although we aren't super happy with it.

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