Why are monitors only at neck height by default?

  • Most computer monitors are too low. Almost everybody, at least once in their lives, has put a pack of printing paper, a cardboard box, or something else under their monitors stand to bring it to an acceptable height.

    Why is the default height for computer monitor stands so low?

    I'll tell you why mine is lifted up on a stand - it's because I don't want to see the person on the desk opposite me. Puts me off!

    I rarely have problems with monitors being too low. Desks on the other hand....

    I'm pretty short so i've never had an issue with the monitor sitting to low however my spouse is another story. He's tall and ended up mounting his monitors on stands that he is comfortable with. Maybe it would be a good issue to identify within monitor manufacturers to resolve.

    Might depend on the table layout, it's different if the keyboard is under or on the table.

    Monitors are typically at shin-height, at best. Not sure this is a valid question. I think you're perhaps asking why monitor stands designed for desks are not adjustable to a higher level than you prefer?

    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's not a UX question.

    I would say that this question relates very strongly to Ergonomics which, given the current organization of StackExchange sites, falls under the UX umbrella.

    Because the guys who set the standards are all old and have trifocals, and they can't see the monitor clearly through the top 1/3rd of their glasses.

    I agree with ***@DA01***, in my opinion, there's nothing that can be gained here other than conjecture, and that in-and-of-itself makes it primarily opinion based which is a _valid_ close reason.

    @EvilClosetMonkey asking what the best ergonomic height for a monitor would be a valid question. But this one is lacking in citations and is more open to speculation.

    @DA01 - the question could do with improving, but I did not agree with the blanket rationale of "this is not UX".

    @DA01 glad you announce your intent... I was wondering what you were thinking

    @DA01 Maybe that's why many monitor lovers love to pick up their monitors http://www.catersnews.com/uploadedimages/14082012519309905.jpg

    Because there are people out there using monitors who are less than 6 feet tall. I would like to add, for the benefit of any industry designers out there, that us little ones also like to drive cars, access the top shelf in the supermarket, watch films in cinemas and many other things, and it would be nice if things weren't all designed for beanpoles.

    Don't know if this was mentioned, but maybe because the monitor requires a smaller box when lowered, so it makes sense from a logistics standpoint.

  • Because you can always put some additional stand, but it might be really hard to "cut" the default one :) Low fixed stand seems to be universal and pretty cheap solution.

    Usually, better stand is a good motivation to pay more.

    +1 for economic reason. I'd add that some people still put their monitor on top of a horizontal desktop computer.

    Economy is the reason. I've got a monitor here that allows a 4D motion on its stand (height, declination, inclination, rotation). However, I suppose that it was quite expensive...

    +1 for showing common sense. Placing a too-low monitor higher is much easier than trying to make a too-high monitor lower.

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