What some alternative ways to present tabular data instead of the standard table in the UI?

  • What some alternative ways to present tabular data instead of the standard table in the UI? I don't want the data to be displayed in formal tables with rows and columns. Is there any way of grouping them all and show it attractive and nice?

    Why don't you want to use a table? Is it not tabular data?

    It is a tabular data.. but my organization dont want that is my application.. they feel it looks old fashioned

    Best alternatives to 2-Dimensional tabular data is Charts, which is better visually than text based tables. Some good visualization libraries are:- http://d3js.org/ http://www.highcharts.com/demo Using charts makes find trends, telling story visually easy.

    Maybe they should think about readability and usability before sacrificing it for something novelty.

    Tables should be the default for presenting tabular data, but there are definitely times when a table isn't ideal--namely if the site is to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Formatted lists are but one alternative that may make more sense.

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    If the data is tabular, then I see no reason why one shouldn't go with tables? After all, the whole purpose of table element is for showing such type of data.

    But if your query is how to make the tabular data look more beautiful, then read this article - http://darkhorseanalytics.com/blog/clear-off-the-table/

    In nutshell, it follows the principle of 'Less is more' by removing colors, removing grid lines, aligning items based their types (Numbers or String) etc.

    Also another method would be to use graphical elements like Pie Charts, graph bars etc.

    Note: Tables are not old-fashioned. But using tables for layout of elements is.

    Great article. That blog is full of useful advice. Thanks!

    Welcome. I just wanted to make a point that 'Tables are not bad' but it depends on how you use it.

    Everything has it's place. It's up to us as interface designers to educate people that you should be using the appropriate patterns for tasks as opposed to shoehorning in a widget for novelty purposes.

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