The must-read User Interface Book?

  • I'm looking for the Book that explains the essentials of user interface and user experience design.

    I read Beautiful Visualization and Designing Interfaces from O'Reilly. I think they are very good but, I'm still looking for the one.

    Please provide your recommendation and why it stands as the essential reference.

    "List of..." questions that can't have one, correct (for the asker) answer aren't really what Stack Exchange is about. A certain number have been tolerated on other sites, but you should really try to avoid asking them. However, I can see value in this one.

    Strangely enough, these 'must read books' questions are pretty much my favourite part of every stackexchange site

    Hello, the OP means to say "the one", the definitive one, **along with** the "Why" of it. Each reader can have his own "the one", with his own reasons. So, no "list of..." as such.

    I am surprised that "Designing Web Usability" by Jakob Nielsen was not been included on the answers list. It is very pleasant to read and along with Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think", they are the only two usability books I've read from end-to-end.

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    Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug. The book is written in the way it preaches: very simple and easy to understand. The book covers a wide range of user experience topics. It's a must-read.

    A new edition of this book as been released in early January 2014. Don't Make Me Think Revisited

    I knew that someone else would beat me to naming this book. It's true though. Don't Make Me Think is the must read when you want to learn about design and usability.

    Even if you are not a web developer this book is worth the effort. Very well written and insightful.

    Agreed - it is one of the best books on the topic I know of, and a very easy read.

    _Everyone_ recommends this one, but I'm hesitant because it's "A guide to _web_ usability" -- is it as applicable to desktop development, or development for a platform with a different usage model e.g. Silverlight?

    @Robert - While it is a book about web usability, it does contain many lessons/concepts that are applicable to anything from a Silverlight app to the dashboard on your car. Just common sense ideas about how people's brains work and how they interact with things they see. That said, if you have absolutely zero interest in web or application UIs it might not be up your alley.

    One of the best I've read. He makes you not only think but enjoy the book.

    FWIW I find this book a dumbed down rehash of "The Inmates Are Running The Asylum" by Alan Cooper

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