What is the iOS alternative to a radio button?

  • There is a radio button in android and WEB but what is the best alternative in iOS? And please don't say segmented control becuase it's not working in my case.

    The case is a list of items 3-6 which have 1-3 words of text each and it is required to pick 1.

    Screenshot of web radio buttons that i need to adapt for ios

    Choosing what inreface elements to use IS part of graphic design. Important one.

    Why does the segmented control not working in your case?

    This is indeed a question more suited to SE.UX or a question for SE.StackOverflow...

    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's a UX question, not a graphic design question.

    Use a radio button.

    @plainclothes - Even though Apple (almost -> Xerox) invented the radio button, unfortunately, it is not provided in the native iOS UI API any longer... One is guided to use the god awful "picker" control instead :-(

    @Greenonline The user punishing picker is the very reason you roll your own radio button. I'm afraid Apple is going to fall fast under the influence of Mr Ive.

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    6 years ago

    Usually this is done using a table view, which is basically a list of items as well, only with a checkmark instead of a radio button. Sometimes such lists are on a new 'page' in the navigation structure. How this fits in your navigational structure depends on the context.

    List of items

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