What is the difference between the horizontal three dots menu and the vertical one?

  • First of all, does anyone know the name for this type of navigation?

    And second of all, what is the difference between these two? In what case you use the vertical one and in what case the horizontal one? I uploaded an image for a better understanding.

    horizontal or vertical three dots menu?

    Luke Wroblewski created a (joke?) image naming all types of menus different forms of meat as a play on the "hamburger menu", here are some images it spawned: 1, 2, 3. Answered as comment because I can't image thats an accepted/understood term.

  • Both are traditionally known for displaying More Options

    You can think of them as Ellipsis that refer to un-finished menu and hence clicking on it shows you the entire menu, finishing it.

    On Android, it is referred to as Overflow Menu

    On Apple and iOS devices it is referred to as More Options Menu

    Technically these are used to display Secondary options as opposed to Primary ones which are directly displayed in the UI. Overflow Menu options can also contain Destructive actions.

    I believe it was made Vertical in Material Design since it drops down rather than showing a horizontal menu with more options, improving User Expectation.

    The vertical dots indicate a list, such as that presented by an unordered list.

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